Understanding How Hospital Indemnity Complements Medicare Advantage Plans

Learn how Hospital Indemnity insurance can cover gaps in a Medicare Advantage plan while protecting your savings.

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Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Our Hospital Indemnity plan covers out-of-pocket costs when you’re hospitalized for an injury or illness. Benefits range from hospitalization to skilled nursing facility care. It has no deductible and no required pre-certification.

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What Does Hospital Indemnity Insurance Cover — And Other Questions Answered

Learn what Hospital Indemnity cost-share plans are, how they work, and what they cover, so you can enter a discussion with your agent feeling well-informed and ready to customize a plan to meet your needs.

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Hospital Indemnity Insurance Can Limit Medicare Observation Billing Effects

A hospital stay is stressful enough without additional billing woes. But more seniors are facing unexpected expenses when Medicare’s observation billing doesn’t land in their favor. Learn how Hospital Indemnity insurance can help fill in the gaps.

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