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Dental, vision, and hearing screenings and procedures can be very costly if you don’t have the right insurance. Since most health insurance plans don’t cover routine checkups for your teeth, eyes, and ears, it’s important to find a supplemental insurance plan that fits your needs and budget. To help you with your search, we’ve outlined why you need vision, hearing, and dental insurance, especially as you age; what you should look for in a plan to best serve you; and why Medico Insurance Company’s Dental Insurance Portfolio stands out from other policies.

What Dental insurance and DVH policies are

A Dental insurance policy helps you pay for preventive dental care; diagnostic services; procedures, like root canals; and dental apparatuses, such as dentures and bridges. Dental Insurance Portfolios generally include a mix of dental plans and dental, vision, and hearing (DVH) policies. DVH plans are dental policies with added coverage for vision and hearing exams and hardware.

Why you need Dental, Vision, and Hearing coverage

Medicare and most health insurance plans do not cover basic dental, vision, and hearing exams and services. Medicare only covers these types of procedures if you have a medical emergency or if your doctor orders them for medical treatment.
As you age, your teeth, eyes, and ears need more attention.

Having an insurance policy that covers regular exams and common procedures means you can maintain your health without draining your savings account or retirement income.

What to look for in Dental insurance and DVH policies

First, you’ll need to decide if you need a simple Dental insurance plan or a comprehensive DVH plan. Do you wear glasses? Is there a history of hearing loss in your family? If you answered yes, you may want to consider a DVH policy.
As you review your options, look closely to see what each insurance plan covers. If you’re looking for a Dental insurance plan, you’ll want a policy that covers basic dental services, such as regular cleanings and fillings, and more extensive dental work, like bridges, crowns, dentures, and root canals. If you also want vision and hearing coverage, check whether the policy covers regular exams and hardware, such as glasses, contacts, and hearing aids.
As you’re weighing alternatives, you’ll want to consider what % of each service the policy pays, what additional benefits are offered, and if there is a waiting period to receive coverage for each service.

Why our plans stand out

Medico offers three plans within its Dental Insurance Portfolio — one dental and two DVH options (may vary by state) — that can be tailored to meet your individual healthcare needs. The plans provide comprehensive coverage with benefits for preventative, restorative, and major services.

Medico presents:

  • Simple, budget-friendly plans
  • The freedom to choose any provider, but if you select one of the neighborhood dentists from our large network, you’ll see additional savings.
  • The opportunity to cancel your policy within 30 days and receive a refund, minus any claims paid, if you aren’t satisfied.

For more information on our products and what is available in your state, call 800-547-2401, option 3

Which states offer our Dental insurance and DVH insurance plans

Medico Insurance Company disclosures

Florida does not offer the DVA58, DVA59, DA108B, or DA108P plans. ​
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